Change file paths before use! Copy Example and paste outside of block quotes. Variable names must match example EXACTLY.

Files can be located on a remote server, or locally, however a directory needs to be defined for:

  • source files - QAQC will be attempted on every csv file in this directory.
  • local processing (should be local to executing console)
  • storage of processed data


Must use \\ or / in file paths.


This file is directly executed by Python. Python syntax must be enforced.

time_step format


dir_source_files = "//server/bulk_export_CSV"

# Files are initially stored here before being moved to dir_final_storage
# This is used because dir_source_files and dir_final_storage may eventually be remote locations where latency may be
# an issue.

dir_local_processing = "C:/HOBO_QA/"

dir_final_storage = "//server/bulk_export_clean"

time_step = '5min'

# Optional additional argument maps file prefix to a project directory in dir_final_storage
map_fname2dir = {"RS":"REFSTAND", "TS":"STREAMT"}